SEO Content, The King of Kings

Content is King. If you think you can rank high in the search engine without quality content. Think again.

Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is critical to improving your website’s search engine ranking. Without SEO, your website is likely to remain in obscurity. A well-optimised website has every chance of ranking in popular search engines, making it visible to your potential clients.

  • Increased Rankings
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Better User Experience
  • Increase In Leads
  • Better Conversions
  • More Revenue & Profit
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When it comes to SEO, Content is King.

Without content, you can't rank. Hence why SEO content is king.

You may well have heard the phrase that content is king, provided you follow some of the basic rules you can set the foundation of your website for some great results on the search engines and consistent unlimited organic traffic.

The basics are to keep the content unique, relevant and as engaging as possible, nobody wants to read the same content that they have read before or content that is just fluffy content written purely to fill up a page.

We recommend you include relevant images, videos or infographics as these will increase engagement and make the content more popular. If you happen to produce great content you may attract a reference (link) from a 3rd party website and we know how powerful backlinks are.

Quality content should be:

  • Up to date
  • User-Friendly
  • Relevant
  • Built for current browsers
  • Accurate, engaging and true

How to Make Quality Content

Creating quality content that pleases people is essential to improving your website’s search engine ranking.

Whether people are researching, purchasing, repairing or problem-solving, your content must provide accurate information that engages and inspires. If you can do this, your website will improve its chance of ranking well.

How to Make Content Visible

SEO professionals use specific strategies to ensure the content on your website is not only visible to search engine robots but relates to real people.

Here are a couple of strategies SEO experts use:


Search engines only read content in HTML text format. Content not in this format is undetectable. A Search Engine Marketer ensures important content is in the HTML text section of your web page so it can be easily indexed.

Images, Video & Audio

Images can be indexed for relevance if a description is attached in the proper format. Similarly, video and audio files should be transcribed into words to help search engines analyse content.

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